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At the very onset, we want to thank Dr Dinesh Mishra, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Head of Forest force, Gujarat, who has played inspiring role right from inception of project and has been a driving force. The team is also thankful to Dr C. N. Pandey ex P.C.C.F. and HOFF for his valuable contribution from time to time and Shri Kuldeep Goel, ex Add. P.C.C.F. Research and training for giving financial support to the project. Shri S. N. Tyagi, IFS Mission Director, Gujarat State Biotechnology mission deserve thanks as he has rendered his precious guidance as and when required. The team wants to thank and feel gratitude to all senior officers of Aaranya Bhavan who have contributed by their valuable suggestions. The team feels that this project could have not been possible without avid support of all the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Asstt Conservator of Forests and Range Forest Officers and other field staff.

We convey our sincere appreciation and thanks to Miss. Bindiya D. Oza and Mr. Shashikant Parmar for carrying out the field photography, computation and analysis the data. We are gratifying to Miss. Sheeladevi Rana, Miss. Sweety Rana, and Miss. Axi B. Patel, for the priceless help in uploading information in software. We are also grateful to Mr. Sagar R. Hosalikar, Mr. Mehul R. Parmar and Mr. Hitesh B. Rohit for the valuable help in typing the information about plant species. We are also thankful Mr. Nirav Mehta and Mr. Nilesh Dhamecha for photo plate preparation. We are also thankful to Mr. Munjalsinh Parmar for his help during field work. Our special thanks to all staff of GIS Cell, Vadodara and Working Plan, Gandhinagar for extending their cooperation in one way or the other. At the last we thanks to all those who helped us but we could not quote them here due to inadvertence.