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India ranks 6th position among the 12 mega biodiversity centers of the world and Gujarat is rich in floral diversity of species, habitats and ecosystems that represents nearly 13% of the floristic diversity of the country.

Digitization of floristic data and its systematic organization on web based platform in such a way that it becomes user-friendly interactive identification key, is the basic objective of the effort. Development of present software is an initiative to satisfy the thrust of easy plant identification.

Present exercise is based on collation of the relevant records in user friendly way. The existing taxonomic books on flora of Gujarat; 600 plant species from Forest Flora of Gujarat state by R. I. Patel (1971), 1808 plant species recorded in Flora of Gujarat by G. L. Shah (1978) and published report of Gujarat Ecological Commission (GEC- 1996) documenting 2198 plant species along with other flora and net search are the base of this compilation.

Vital aspect of this software function is to identify different plant species of Angiosperms present in Gujarat in a way that it can be easily accessible for laymen as well as subject expert. Mode of searching can be done in different ways like; flora list (Local name, Scientific name, Family, rare and endemic plant of Gujarat), Morphological identification (Habit with Plant parts), Taxonomic identification (Bentham and Hooker Classification system 1862- 1883) and by Utility of plant species. One special tab is also given as” Crowd search” where any user can share and up load their information.

Digital Compilation of this data leads total family (159), Total plant (2143), Herb (1114), Shrub (264), Tree (292), Climber (197) and Grasses (276). The software also provides space to add in any additional information available regarding the flora in future.